Monday, July 21, 2014

The Crescent & the Cross - The Spanish Faction

With the impending release of the new Saga expansion "The Crescent & the Cross", I thought I would give a little teaser on the Spanish faction and its battleboard.

This is one of my favourites so far as it allows for a lot of "cavalry action". Always good to see something that should be able to counter the Normans "like for like"!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Model Review: Gripping Beast Swords for Hire: Monks and Minstrels!

Gripping beast have sent some more metal figures from their extensive range for the Saga wargame. This time it is the turn of the Bards and the Angry Monks.

Let's start with the Angry Monks...

Gripping Beast Angry Monks - armed to the teeth!

Monday, July 7, 2014

The SAGA Tapestry Historicon Tournment IS ON!!!

Posted by Eric Lauterbach

The SAGA Tapestry tournament will be held at Historicon 2014 on Friday 18th Starting at 9:30AM and ending at 4PM. The format will be “jump in, jump out” meaning you do not have to play all the rounds to join. Rounds will roughly run an hour long using 4pt or 6pt SAGA armies, from all current official lists. The point level will be decided by you and your opponent based on what you have. Heroes are allowed if you and your opponent agree. Score will be based on number of wins and then points. Points will be awarded in accordance with the rules with 1pt for every three Levies, 2pts per Warrior and 1pt per Hearthguard eliminated by your army. Each enemy Warlord eliminated is worth 5pts. No unpainted figures will be allowed. We will use the official scenarios in an order TBD. If you would like to sign up please contact Brian Sherry at blackknight@gmail.com, or show up the day of and we will squeeze you in if at all possible. We will have enough tables for 16 players at one time. To keep up with current announcements go to http://www.sagatapestry.com/

Great fun at these had by all!  Even this guy...

You can't do worse than this confused dude! New Players welcome, bring your army and try it out! This is a very noob friendly event very low key.
 Thanks again to Brian Sherry for running this event he has secured some great prize support from Gripping Beast as well.   See you all there!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

WSS Wargaming Survey

Apart from rolling dice, there seem to be few things wargamers like to do better than discuss the state of their hobby. Are we dying out? Are we all just loners in a dark basement? The purpose of this survey is to actually get a measure of some of these - and many more - questions. The outcome will be published in an upcoming issue of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy as well as online.
At the end of this survey, you'll have the chance to enter your email address into a raffle for some very nice prizes, such as the SAGA Great Hall from 4Ground, a 1000-point Bolt Action army offered by Warlord Games, pirates from NorthStar, books from Osprey and Casemate as well as three 2-year subscriptions to either Ancient Warfare, Medieval Warfare or Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy! Moreover, as a thank-you for taking part in this survey, everyone will get a discount coupon for use on the Karwansaray Publishers website and can be used to purchase any of our books and magazines.
Please note that this survey is entirely anonymous, unless you choose to provide your email address for the raffle. If you do, this will only ever be used to contact you if you win. 
Finally, filling out the entire survey shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes, and we're taking responses until July 31st, 2014.


Monday, June 30, 2014

Review of Saga "The Cresent & the Cross" book!

For those who have been waiting this release it's been a while coming but I finally got my review copy of the English language version of the latest Saga supplement "The Crescent and the Cross" from those lovely guys at Studio Tomahawk and Gripping Beast!

After seeing the fantastic display stand at 'Salute!' this year I have been more than ready to read this "expansion".

Here it is - the Crescent and the Cross for Saga....

So, what goodness do you get in this new book?

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hero of the Viking Age - Gunnar Hamundarson

Here is a look at another of the Saga "Heroes of the Viking Age". This time it's the turn of the legendary Gunnar Hamundarson.

So who was this man and what can he still do for you in the Saga wargame....

Monday, June 16, 2014

Tactics in Saga - The "Hammer Effect"

After playing a number of games of Saga, there seem to be a few tactics that become "standard" in your arsenal. They need to be adapted to the type of force you play, but here are my thoughts...

First, "the Hammer"..... this is pretty much just the basic concept of using a smaller force to deal with a larger one. Instead of acting as a 'distractor' or 'misdirector' you actually use it in combat to defeat the enemy in one swift blow.... in other words... hammer them!

The idea is usually used to push the enemy off their perch (a river ford, a house, a hill, etc.)

Various factions have ways of doing this usually through special rules or special units. Sometimes it is necessary to use several Saga Abilities to boost up a fairly mundane unit. Other times it is just plain fun to boost a good unit and "go for it". That is one of the things that make Saga a really great game.

The Vikings have the Berserker "glass cannon". The Scots can boost their Attack dice significantly with Saga abilities to make one unit a "big hitter" with the Norman Knights, the Norse-Gael and the Saxons all being able to do the same kind of tricks.

Take a look at your Saga Battleboards now for those "combos" that boost Attack dice, re-rolls and Armour and can be used on the same unit in the same combat.

Viking Berserkers and Warlord prepare to move out....

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