Thursday, April 16, 2015

New Releases for Saga from Gripping Beast..

We are fast approaching one of the UK's premier wargaming events, Salute, in London.

To coincide with this event, Gripping Beast are making some new releases for Saga...

There is a new faction - "Revenants". This is a limited edition so you may want to get an order for collection at Salute ASAP !

Here's what GB have to say...

SAGA: Revenants is a new Faction for the SAGA game system. It is for use with the main rules in the SAGA Dark Age Skirmishes or SAGA The Crescent & The Cross rulebooks. Please note that this faction is not part of the main SAGA canon and as such is not for tournament play.
It is designed to give you something different and fun to play between friends or at friendly club meetings. We hope you enjoy it!

 48 x Revenant 28mm metal figures (plus a plastic base for each figure)
2 x metal Grave Pit models
Full colour 3 page Revenant faction rules & scenario (Exclusive to this box set)*
Full colour card Revenant Battle Board (Exclusive to this box set)*
PLUS 12 Revenant SAGA dice FREE
PLUS 1 x 28mm metal Necromancer on scenic base (only available in this box set) FREE
(* Rules and Battle Board will be available as a download-only once the limited set has sold out.)

For the "C&C" player, two more armies are released!

Moors and Spanish...

  SHCA03 Black Guard are coming soon too!

Legends Of The Crusading Age!

Plus there are some new characters...

SHVA12 Vagn, Fearless Brother of the Jomsvikings

 SHCA02 Saladin, Knight Of Islam

There are more items here than just the new plastic horses, so enjoy! Its always good to get a surprise.

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