Monday, March 9, 2015

Model Review: Gripping Beast Milites Christi

It's time to take another look at some more models from Gripping Beast. This time those great folks at Beast towers have provided some 28mm metal Milites Christi models. Great for SAGA or any Crusader project!

Gripping Beast's Milites Christi 4 point Starter Warband

Let's start by looking at the Warlord...

SMO01 Milites Christi Warlord : link

This model comes as a single casting rider and mount. The Warlord is armed with a sword that is held over the right shoulder. This combined with the Warlord looking to his left and the horse walking along suggests a thoughtful pose (surveying the field of battle!) Detail is mainly in the hair, moustache and cloak. Flash and mould lines are almost non-existent and cleaning could just come down to to a warn soapy wash to remove any mould release agent. Comes with a rectangular plastic Renedra base.

A simple figure that has a commanding look and feel to lead an army.

SMO02 Milites Christi Brothers (Mounted Hearthguard) : link

This unit comes with horses, rectangular plastic Renedra bases and soft metal spears. The riders are all very similar, with cloaks, helms and moulded kite shield. The right hands are moulded open ready for the metal spears to be glued in place. One figure had some facial hair but otherwise the hole unit has a very uniform look and feel. The horses are moulded very cleanly and very little cleanup is needed (almost none really). The horses sit straight on the pre-moulded bases and the riders sit easily upon them. Each horse has a flowing gait that suggests troops about to move/charge.

A strong looking unit that requires a uniform paint job to really bring out the strengths of these fanatics.

SMO04 Milites Christi Sergeants (Warriors) on Foot: link

These foot models come with four hand weapons (with hands!), four soft metal spears and six metal kite shields. There is also a round plastic Renedra base for each model.

Each model is chunky with its nicely sculpted armour and helms. There is lots of detail on each model - the armour has back fastenings and the cloaks have plenty of folds. You can see belts, pouches, long hair, moustaches.... There is very little in the way of mould lines or flash. Just a little flash in the crook of one shoulder was seen and some very slight mould lines inside the lower legs that is easy to remove with the edge of a craft knife. Some of the models will need to have their right hands drilled to take a spear. The others have separate hand weapons that require the hand on the weapon to be glued to the end of the right hand. The fit is snug and the jobs should be straightforward (if you have a mini-drill or pin vice).

These models look VERY nice and stand out among the rest.

SMO05 Milites Christi Sergeants with Crossbow : link

These foot models come with metal crossbows that will need gluing to the hands of the models. There is also a round plastic Renedra base for each model.

The crossbows fit neatly in place and look the part. Four of the models are unique, with two of each type in the pack I received. Each of the four poses is different i.e. no armour, armour, helm. Painting them differently will disguise the fact that there are only four poses. Detail is okay (each figure has a belt mounted quiver for bolts) and flash is very minimal, mainly on the base and the ends of the crossbows. A small amount of flash was seen under the right arm of one model and under the crook of the left arm of another, but can easily be removed with the edge of a craft knife with no impact on the detail. Mould lines were very minimal too, with no loss of detail for cleaning the odd model.

All in all, a nice little functional unit that would be helped by a nice little paint job to hide the repeat factor in the models.


Gripping Beast have produced another great looking set of models. My favourites were the Sergeants. Very nicely modelled and really looking like a "hard" set of warriors.

Thanks to Gripping Beast for supplying these lovely models.


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