Monday, March 16, 2015

Four of the Best... a newsy item

There's always something happening in the Gaming World and Saga is no exception...

Here are four things you may not have known about.... read on....

First up... The WWPD Saga Painting competition - yes it's on now and you can take part. It's your chance to win the Gripping Beast Mutatawwi'a starter set.... it really is a great set and would look great on your battlefield. What's more, the faction has some nifty rules to boot in the Crescent and Cross book!

All you have to do is paint a Saga unit of 4 to 12 models and post it up on the WWPD Saga Forum (see the link!)

Details are here.... LINK.

One of the Warlords from the 2013 competition... link

Second up - Gripping Beast have announced two new plastic boxes for their Saga range...

Arab Light cavalry and Arab Heavy cavalry.... and from the test shots they look really good...

If you are heading to "Salute" in London this year you may want to contact Gripping Beast and see if they can save you some (!)

Cavalry play an important part in Saga with their ability to move 12 inches rather than the normal 6 for infantry.

I will be keeping a lookout for these boxes and will try and get some of the new models for review.

Third up: the wonderful building makers that are 4Ground have some feedback on building their fantastical Heorot Great Saga Hall.

There is a great blog post about building this epic Hall. You can find it here... LINK.

Straight from the pages of the epic poem "Beowulf" comes this ornate kit for you to build. Every Saga gamer must drool over this model (well, I do).

Finally, Gripping Beast have announced that they are going to be moving to a new-look website very shortly.

For those that have experienced some of the issues of the site being down from time to time that can only be a good thing. Looking forward to it.

From the teaser image on their facebook page, the new site looks sweet indeed...

If you have any news to share please follow the link to our forum...


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