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Baggage for "The Escort" scenario...

Some time ago I started to produce some baggage items to use in "The Escort" scenario for Dark Age Saga.

A while back I found some items had disappeared while out and about with my models and terrain. I decided to get what was left into shape and used.

Here are several of the bases.

I still need to get some crew for the carts so I am not going to show those in detail yet (left).

There are some items to go in the carts but they need painting up first.

Redoubt Monks : link

One thing to note: as I look at the close up images I can see  a lot of static grass, brush hair and some mould lines.

The mould lines seem to have become more noticeable because of the use of the "dip" method to finish them off.

The dark pigment in the varnish has clung to the mould lines and really showed them up.

These seem to be worse on the monk characters for some reason.

I will probably take a craft knife to some of the models and strip the mould lines flat and repaint.

The fibres are another issue. I find it hard to see some of this with the naked eye (being at an age where I need both distance and close up glasses!)

Painting does not seem to get easier with age!

Perry Miniatures: link
Looking at the Redoubt Monks (top right), the chunky moulds, facial detail and mould lines help to make these a bit of a 'no' for me.

I prefer the finer but more detailed Perry Clerics (left and bottom right).

The Perry models seem to be a closer fit in scale to the Gripping Beast civilians.

The Perry models have less to trim off and clean up and have more detail about the face and clothing.

I really like the kneeling praying monk and added a stone with a cross to give him something to do while on his pilgrimage.

Moving on to the group of Perry Crusader Pilgrims... link...

These are a good example of themed detail.

All the models seem to be flagging from the heat of walking on a pilgrimage...

The mother with child and baby in arms being followed by the drinking man, tired woman and flagging men looks great and is my favourite of the bases.  Imagine these guys in Saga as "baggage" items being attacked and fighting back as 3 Attack dice Hearthguard (!)

As if that wasn't funny how about the lady on the right with the chickens. At home in the garden or could be walking to market. Fighting these would be funnier than a pile of barrels or crates !

Not too much to say about the models. The woman is a converted GB figure and the chickens are from Redoubt. The woman was so short I swapped her legs for plastic ones and added some green stuff as a skirt.

The cattle come next with the men being an armed pilgrim from Perry and a Gripping Beast stock man.

The GB Highland Cattle seem fitting for a Dark Age game.

I used the best fit models for each base instead of just using the shepherds and stock men. It shows what a good scale fit the Perry and GB figures are.

A little mould line trim was needed here and there on the cattle but otherwise not too bad. I really like the depth to the shaggy coats on the animals.

Finally, a couple of pack mules (right) and their    escort - surely a "must" for an Escorting baggage game scenario?

These mules are from Redoubt.

The men are from GB and Perry.

This base could be used for an Escort scenario set anywhere in Europe or Asia.

A good addition to both Dark Age and Crescent and Cross SAGA. GB do their own package for Baggage for Saga... link.

There you have it, baggage is not just some crates and barrels, use your imagination!


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