Monday, February 23, 2015

SAGA Painting Competition!

It has been a while since the last painting competition (almost 2 years!) and as part of this years WWPD4Vets charity efforts I want to announce something new!

All you Sagamites get your SAGA units out and start painting! Those lovely guys at Gripping Beast have sponsored a prize.

Read on for more....

Joe Moore won last time...

If you want to see the last competition results then please follow this link... here.

This time round you won't be painting a Warlord, it is a UNIT we are looking for....

A rules-valid 4 to 12 model unit (Hearthguard, Warriors, Levy) of any type of troop from any faction.

Models must be in the 28mm scale and based legally for a game of Saga (typically, infantry on bases 20mm to 30mm size, cavalry around 20-40mm wide by 40-60mm depth - round bases 30-50mm) - see page 7 in C&C.

You can use Swords for Hire / Dogs of War as long as there are 4 to 12 models in the unit and it counts as legal to use in the game.

You should post your own work, based on current projects or anything you are about to start. No pro-painters or WWPD / Gripping Beast "staffers" please! If you have posted the unit on the web before then please do not use it again (honesty policy applies folks).

Each person should post on the WWPD Saga forum for this article (see 'Discuss on our Forum'). You will need an account on the WWPD forums to do this.

Maximum of ONE entry per registered person. Open to anywhere in the world (winner supplies address to WWPD).

Each post should have a link to the main image of your unit and then an (optional) link to any more images you want to show (your blog or image hosting site).

Please do not post multiple angles up in your forum post as navigating a long thread full of pictures is not fun :)

All entries should be posted up by 12:00 11th April (EST) which is the cut-off for entry. Voting mechanism TBD but probably a one vote per user like last time on the forum.

The winner will be announced on Saturday 18th April and will receive a prize donated by Gripping Beast.

WWPD reserve the right to use pictures of posted entries in any related Saga posts on the WWPD sites.

Any clarifications or amendments will be made as needed based on feedback.

Looking forward to seeing some great units posted on the WWPD Saga forum!



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