Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Event: Pick and Mix Saga - Stockport UK - 13/12/2014

For anyone in the North West of England on Saturday 13th December....

The North West Gaming Centre, Stockport, is hosting the Annual "Pick and Mix" Event.

There will be a SAGA tournament that day, run by my good self.

Registration for SAGA is 9:30, Game 1 is 10am. Finish around 5:30

Game 1 = Clash of Warlords.
Game 2 = Battle at the Ford (unless both players agree to play another mission)
Game 3 = Sacred Ground (unless both players agree to play another mission).

Three rounds of 2 hours each with breaks. there will be other events for you to watch in any downtime.

Cost of the event is 10 pounds payable on the day in cash to the Event Organiser, James "Hammy" Hamilton. Drinks are available at the venue. Your entry fee is for the event only. There may be food at the venue but local shops and pubs are at hand. The NWGC is also home to the Element Games store so you can check that out too!

You need to bring a 6 point Saga army (not Skraelings), rules for your faction, Battleboard, Saga dice and tape measure. It is a fairly light Christmas event  with other games going on over the weekend.

Scenery, rules, FAQ, scenario information are all provided. Bring yourself and have fun.

The rules will be the (very minor) updated ones for Crescent and Cross, but are basically the same as Dark Age Saga. Feel free to bring a C and C army!

If you are thinking of coming please let me know ASAP so I can sort out tables. You can go to the WWPD.net forum and send a PM to "ambler".

Interested in other games at the event... see this link and contact the overall Event Organiser.

1st Floor
Hallam Business Centre
Hallam Street

-- Mike.


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