Monday, December 22, 2014

Brave New World - Sourcing the Skraelings

One faction that fell outside the 'norm' for Saga are the Skraelings.

They came and went very quickly as a limited edition in a Starter set from Gripping Beast. After that you seemed to need to get hold of the rules and some suitable models.... somehow. This is one faction that never made it into one of the mainstream Saga expansions.

After speaking to a Saga player recently I thought I would have a look at how to go about sourcing some suitable models. Result... it isn't easy!

The legend.... the old Gripping Beast Saga Skraelings 4 point Starter set. Be brave!

The Skraelings represent the strange and foreign people that Viking settlers (raiders?) met on their travels into what became the New World ('Vinland').

Here are their rules and battle board.

I would love to see the Saga Skraeling Starter set available again and a couple of unit packs to support it.

So what models can you get to use as 28mm scale Skraelings for the Dark Age Saga?

C-P Models Skraelings
First off, C-P Models Skraelings can be found here. These are in the 25mm range - the 25mm/28mm comparison can be a very difficult one to judge without the models side-by-side.

The models look great ( a good painter does help websites sell models!) and the price is good too.

Then there is the Wargames Foundry.

Not really the right period, but some of the models could well be used on Saga.

Here is the link to the page on their site... link,

The models look fine, I guess it depends how fussy you are over period details (hair today.....).

War Chief!
Lastly, Footsore Miniatures have a good looking range of figures that includes .... 28mm Skraelings (yay!).

The War Chief seems to have a strange salute going on there (left)!

You can find these figures here.

Price seems to be in-line with "Gripping Beast normal" for 28mm figures.
They also have some other good looking models suitable for Saga so I would say check them out.

Finding suitable models for such a niche as this is not easy, but there should be enough to keep your Saga painting queue building up next year!


If you have more sources of models for Skraelings or want to share your thoughts please go to the forum and post them...

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