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Camels in the Crescent and the Cross

For those new to the era of Saga "The Crescent & the Cross" one of the most obvious differences must be the introduction of the humble Camel as a cavalry unit.

Up to now, the cavalry forces in Dark Age Saga have been able to rule the roost with their rapid movements.

Is it a case of 'move over' horse, make way for the camel?

Lets take a look at this humble beast as a unit in Saga....

Camels in Action! (Copyright Gripping Beast)

Who can use Camels?

The following new factions can take camels in their standard army list....

. Mutatawwi’a 

The following new Dogs of War units can be mounted on camels...

. Bedouin Scouts
. Troubadour (when used in a faction led by a camel mounted Warlord!)

Rules for Camels.

So, where a force can take camels.....

If you start the game mounted on camels you cannot dismount during the game.

Camels move L if the whole move is made in the open.

Any part of a camels move in uneven ground reduces the move to S (just like infantry and horses).

Camel-mounted units cannot enter buildings.

Camel-mounted units can engage in Melee with units occupying a building but cannot occupy that building, even if they eliminate ALL the models in that building.

Camel-mounted units have an Armour value reduced by one. This applies both against Shooting and in Melee.

Camel-mounted units will never benefit from any kind of cover, in Melee or Shooting. This applies to cover provided by scenery, SAGA abilities or any other special rules.

Camels do not suffer a Fatigue when ending a move in uneven ground.

When engaged in Melee against a unit mounted on camels, a horse-mounted unit only generates half their normal number of Attack Dice (this is a big deal for those used to horse mounted foes!)

[ As an example of the above rule: a horse-mounted Warlord would only generate three Attack Dice if engaged with a camel-mounted unit. The number of models in the camel-mounted unit does not matter. A single camel is sufficient to reduce the number of Attack Dice generated by all horse-mounted units he is engaged with. ]

Warlord! (Copyright Gripping Beast)


The additional rule about 'no fatigue for ending a move in uneven ground' is a new rule for Saga introduced in this release. It gives an edge over horses who DO suffer this penalty.

The rule for reducing enemy horse Attack dice in melee is a rule just for camels. It gives them a real edge that makes them well worth considering.

Do Camels seem a little tough? Be thankful very few units can take them!

[ Edit: following a recent game with camels, be very wary of them being picked at by bowmen! They are a bit fragile! ]

Feel free to follow the link below and have your say on the Camel in Saga...


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