Monday, September 1, 2014

Updated Saga Quick Reference Summary

Between the original "Saga" release with its Quick Reference Sheet (QRS) and the new "Crescent & the Cross" book, there have been a few clarifications and changes to the QRS as a result of the learning curve and the introduction of new elements to the game (for the latter read Camels!)

Here is a little summary of the summary, so to speak....

The differences are as follows:


You gain Fatigue for the following (additional) reason...

"One fatigue if your unit mounted on horses ends its movement with at least one figure in an uneven ground"

 --note-- this means that if you use a lot of mounted units (all you Norman players; Steppe Tribes; Strathclyde; the Steppe Nomads special unit) you could find yourself having to think carefully about where you end up. Suddenly, "Sacred Ground" with a Saga Steep Hill as an objective sounds a little harder for a mounted force to hold on to - a re-balancing perhaps to give slower infantry armies a slightly better chance?

In "C&C" the Camel mounted unit does not suffer the above penalty, so they have an edge in rougher ground.


Here, the Composite bow is explicitly added to the range table (as range M) - this wasn't on the old sheet as these weapons only really came in with the Steppe Tribes faction

Secondly, the effects of using crossbow and javelin are explicitly stated on this new summary sheet under Shooting Modifiers...

Javelin - may shoot at the end of movement

Crossbow - reduce the armour of the target by one.


The Armour of each troop type has been added to the "Attacks" table - just to keep the information to hand.

In the "Melee steps" section, 'step zero' has been added for clarification - this was introduce in the "Raven's Shadow" supplement (page 4) for "Melee/Reaction" abilities. Here, each player (Attacker THEN Defender) gets to play any number of Melee/Reaction abilities (this bit hasn't changed from "Dark Age" Saga to "C&C").

The effect of Heavy Weapons has been included on the 'Modifiers' sub-section for clarification....

Heavy Weapons - Adds +1 to the result of each Attack Dice, reduces the Armour of the unit by one during melees.


The changes seem very minor, but it saves looking up rules during play. The biggest change in my opinion is the one for Horses getting the extra fatigue for ending a movement in uneven terrain. Given the movement is already down to S for uneven terrain, this imposes a possible problem for crossing uneven terrain as well as just having entered it.

This is a change that requires players to 'walk through' the terrain before the game and define "uneven" terrain pieces. A hill in the original Saga rules is not necessarily uneven. A "steep hill" IS uneven though.

In "Crescent and Cross" the interpretation is left to the players to decide before the game starts. A 'gentle hill' will probably not be "uneven".

This leads to a larger question for players about to start a game - decide your terrain classifications AND decide which rule set you are using (Dark Age Saga OR Crescent and Cross Saga). If you are using horse mounted units you may not want to use "Crescent and Cross" rule for fatigue on a table with a lot of uneven terrain(!) There is another reason horse mounted units may not want to meet Camelry - that will be discussed another time!


You can discuss the summary sheet and the implications here....

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