Monday, September 29, 2014

New Saga Scenario: Backs to the Wall

In this earlier post (AAR)  I used a scenario I had made up myself. Here is that scenario laid out in a similar format to those in the Dark Age Saga rulebook. Feel free to tweak the rules for the scenario and please leave some feedback using the forum link at the end.


A bloody "Backs to the Wall" game!

Monday, September 22, 2014

AAR: Strathclyde v Franks in "Backs to the Wall"

I have had very little time for much at all recently (barring several attempts at "The Lord of the Rings LCG" game (!)  One problem is lack of space as I tidy my workroom. I wanted to try and get a game of Saga in on Friday but couldn't link up with anybody.

I decided in a two hour slot this weekend to try something new...

It was to be a solo game, me playing both sides against each other - I have no favour and love to beat up on both forces.
I only had room for a 3 x 2 board.
I wanted to try something a bit different from the usual.
I wanted to use the forces I had in a different way.... I used my Scots for the Strathclyde infantry and the Normans for the Franks. They are featured in the Raven's Shadow expansion.

So here is a photo AAR based on my idea for a scenario called "Backs to the Wall"....

Franks and Strathclyde go head to head.....

Monday, September 8, 2014

Model Review: BTD Camel Riders

As the Saga game expands into the Crusades, the range of models you can draw from - wonderful for the modeller!

I wanted to share a review of some Black Tree Design Camelry Models I just bought. Three packs of the beasties is enough to give a Warlord and eight other troops. They will probably serve as two points of Hearthguard giving eight tough troops for an enemy to contend with.

The rules in "The Crescent and the Cross" book for Saga give them an advantage over horse cavalry in both movement (uneven terrain fatigue rule) and melee (horse cavalry lose half their attack dice against them).

I bought one Command pack and two unarmoured model packs.... read on to see what I think of them...

Monday, September 1, 2014

Updated Saga Quick Reference Summary

Between the original "Saga" release with its Quick Reference Sheet (QRS) and the new "Crescent & the Cross" book, there have been a few clarifications and changes to the QRS as a result of the learning curve and the introduction of new elements to the game (for the latter read Camels!)

Here is a little summary of the summary, so to speak....

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