Monday, August 4, 2014

Saga Crescent & the Cross - What's new...

The new Saga release has finally hit the Gripping Beast website and should be available any day now.

What have Gripping Beast released to support the biggest thing since Saga (Viking Age) hit the decks some three years ago?

First off we have have the new book itself... 120 hard backed pages of full colour. You can read about it here....  link to review

The new book means a tidied up set of rules, seven new scenarios and six new factions. As you can see, there is a reference sheet (with the two typos from the review I made of the book in June now gone in my production copy - that is good work guys!)

 Also, we have some new dice to roll....

Gripping Beast Crescent and the Cross Christian and Islamic dice.

The game wouldn't be complete without Gripping Beast's trademark starter armies...

You can find the first wave of Gripping Beast Starter sets here.... link

Gripping Beast 4 point Crusader mixed Starter army...

Gripping Beast 4 point Crusader foot  Starter army...

Gripping Beast 4 point Saracen Starter army...

There are a number of Figure packs as well... here.... to provide those extra points of troops. Here's an example of the great figures GB produce.

Gripping Beast Saracen unarmoured Warlord SSN01a

I am sure plenty of new products will follow fairly quickly and hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing about the Saga wargame!



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