Monday, August 25, 2014

Model Review: Gripping Beast Byzantines

Those nice guys at Gripping Beast sent along some Byzantines from their range of 28mm miniatures for me to have a look at. Having played Saga against Byzantines a number of times I am fascinated with the way they make best use of combined arms to really push their opponents to the max (and off the cliff in my case!)

Having taken a look at these models, I really want to go and finish off a 6 point Byzantine force fairly soon.

Here's a look at the models I received...

Byzantine Hearthguard Cavalry (Gripping Beast models)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Saga "The Crescent & the Cross" items out NOW!

While this little Viking took a break in the sun, the guys at Gripping Beast certainly haven't slept.

I took a look at the Gripping Beast website last Thursday and saw that the new Saga releases would be on sale on Friday. So, as any good gamer would do while on holiday, I took the time out to order some of the new dice and a few bits I hadn't bought before.

When I arrived back yesterday, what did I find? Yep, the parcel with the four items I ordered.

Placed order at 12pm Friday - goods arrived next day. Hats off to 'the Beast' I say. I expected there would be far too many orders pouring in on the Friday to do justice to that many of them, especially my midday one!

An image from the new Crescent and Cross book. Copyright Gripping Beast.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Saga Crescent & the Cross - What's new...

The new Saga release has finally hit the Gripping Beast website and should be available any day now.

What have Gripping Beast released to support the biggest thing since Saga (Viking Age) hit the decks some three years ago?

First off we have have the new book itself... 120 hard backed pages of full colour. You can read about it here....  link to review

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