Monday, June 9, 2014

Vikings vs. Scots

It had been a very long time since Jon the Dirty and I, Steveaux, faced each other on the field of battle using the Saga rules. Since my Normans are still in a shipping container somewhere, we used Jon's forces: Vikings and Scots. Despite my ancestry, I opt for the Vikings.
My Viking. 2 units of Hearthguard, 1 of Warriors, and 1 levy.
Jon has 2 units of spearmen warriors, and 2 units of Hearthguard. We settle on the "Clash of Warlords" scenario.
Vikings ready for battle!


Scot spearmen ready the lines
Vikings forward!

Bondi swing around the house to meet up with their pals

"Get ready!"

The Scots form up

The Scots charge in!
And decimate the Vikingr. Ouch!
But the Scot warlord is exposed- the Vikings see their chance and the Warlord and a unit of Hearthguard charge!
But just can't quite bring it home
The Scot warlord swings back, forcing the Viking warlord to pull back.
Before rushing in again with a fresh unit of warriors!
Which is just too much for the Vikings to handle. Ouch!

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