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Hero of the Viking Age - Gunnar Hamundarson

Here is a look at another of the Saga "Heroes of the Viking Age". This time it's the turn of the legendary Gunnar Hamundarson.

So who was this man and what can he still do for you in the Saga wargame....

History, Legend and Myth.....

This is what Gripping Beast have to say about Gunnar...

"Gunnar Hamundarson is one of the most colourful character to appear in Njall’s Saga. The best friend of Njall, he was brave, handsome, a great fighter and a man who placed loyalty and morale above all virtues. He left Scandinavia for the east and the lands beyond, seeking fame and adventures.

He would eventually die when he came back at home, taking part in a family vendetta that would seal his fate. During a raid launched by his enemies against his own estate, he was betrayed by his own wife".

After his betrayal his home is attacked. Gunnar uses his bow to defend with but when the bowstring is cut he uses a bill. It is only as he gets fatigued that his opponents get the best of him. The Saga's say in Gunnar's own words... "for they will never come to close quarters with me if I can keep them off with my bow."

Gunnar in Saga....

As a 'Hero of the Viking Age' Gunnar can lead any Viking warband taken from the Saga rulebook (page 41).

As other 'Heroes of the Viking Age', he costs one point and generates 3 Saga Dice and not two as other Warlords.

The Fighter: As long as Gunnar doesn’t have any FATIGUE, during step 4 of any melee in which he is engaged any 6 he rolls with his Attack Dice causes 2 hits rather than one; and each 1 rolled on a Attack Die that targets Gunnar will give Gunnar 2 extra Defense Dice, that are added to the Defence Dice he will get normally during step 5. In addition, the Defense Dice rolled by Gunnar to cancel hits in melee always cancel hits on 4 or more, rather than 5 or more (this cannot be improved even with a hard cover).

From the Saga of Njall...: "Gunnar had already wounded eight men and slain those twain" ... "Gunnar made a stout and bold defence, and now wounds other eight men with such wounds that many lay at deaths door"

The Athlete: As long as Gunnar has not any FATIGUE, he gains a extra S to his movement. This bonus movement is not affected by uneven ground.

From the Saga of Njall...: "...no one is his match in a fight..."

The Archer: Once per turn, Gunnar may be activated for a Shooting. This Shooting has a range of L, and Gunnar generates 5 Attack Dice for this Shooting.

From the Saga of Njall...: "...but Gunnar caught up the Arrow and shot it after them, and struck Aylof Aunund's son, and he got a great wound"  ... "then Gunnar still shoots with his bow so that they could never come nigh him"

The Gentle Hearted: If Gunnar leads your warband, you may not use the “Loki” and “Valhalla” Saga abilities.

From the Saga of Njall...: "But now he is still so kind-hearted a man that it may be he will let these offers stand..."


So, there you have him, the man, the legend... GUNNAR ! He makes a formidable Leader of a Warband with some great skills. On the downside, those players who like to send their folks to 'Valhalla' a lot in Saga may not like his restriction!

The following images (pending permission) are from the 'revisting the warp' blog. I hope you enjoy the pictures of a very nicely painted and based Gunnar as much as I do....

Feel free to discuss Gunnar on the Saga Forum.....



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