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Model Review: Gripping Beast Scots!

by Mike Wood.

Gripping Beast were kind enough to supply some of their metal Scots models suitable for Saga. I will take a look at each of the model types they sent me. First let me say how well and sensibly packed they were. The figures are bagged and packed flat with bubble wrap in a card box to prevent damage and keep within the weight limits for Royal Mail. The bonus is they fit through the standard UK mailbox without the need to collect the figures if you are not around to receive them! Second, the figures are all nice fresh casts. Its good to get sparkly new models. I was not to be disappointed...

SS03 Gripping Beast Scots Soer-Chele Warriors

 Scots Soer-Chele (Warriors) SS03: http://www.grippingbeast.com/product.php?ItemID=268441496

These figures were mix of styles, almost all action oriented with spears thrusting out or threatening the enemy. The models are good clean casts with very little flash to be cleaned off and that only on the bases or on some javelins. 

Not sure why the spear armed troops had one guy with a clutch of javelins, but I like that kind of detail on models so its not an issue for me. 

The figures have a mix of cloaks and helmets to add some character. Weapons will need to be glued into hands, but as these are cast open it shouldn't require any drilling. 

As for mould lines, these are subtle and I could only spot them on two legs and one shoulder, should be easy to remove these without damage to the model. 

The models were supplied with soft metal spears and shields and Renedra circular bases. You should check with Gripping Beast if all their packs are supplied with spears, some places sell these separately.

A unit that should fill the role of spearmen very well in a Saga Scots army!

Scots Warlord (Copyright GB)

Scots Warlord SS01: http://www.grippingbeast.com/product.php?ItemID=268441494
SS01 Scots Warlord

The Scots Warlord model is a standing figure providing leadership for his army. The pose allows the modeller to be creative with clothing and armour. 
A striking choice of paints should make for an excellent figure, as per the one from the Gripping Beast website above. Looking at the model there was no obvious flash. Mould lines are restricted to the lower leg and very fine at best. 
Cleanup should not be a problem for this model! 
The figure has detail on the facial hair, cloak clasp, armour and sword.  The cloak is ridged (see right) so shading can be used creatively. A good solid model that gives the "verge of battle" look.

SS05 Gripping Beast Scots Doer-Chele Levy
The Scots Levy contains a few duplicate models, but overall gives the impression of mobile troops about to launch an assault with javelins. The pack came with 12 soft metal javelins/spears (no shields). 

You may be able to make out some flash on the image above, but very very little and is easily cleaned up.  There are a couple of figures with cloaks that break up the unit further. 

Despite being a peasant class, these figures still have detail on the belts and face that really appealed to me. 
The models are mainly posed for hurling javelins. The hands are modelled open, so fitting javelins. 

You may need to file one of two hands, but on the whole, very little preparation will need to be done. 
Mould lines are not obvious, just a few here and there on the lower sides of some models. Cleanup should not ruin any detail. 

Again, a thoughtfully modelled and cast unit that should add a lot of interesting dynamic figures to your Scots faction.

SS02 Gripping Beast Scots Hearthguard

The Hearthguard models are well armoured and with clearly defined detail. Moving clothing, arms about to deliver blows, long straggly hair... They come with four shields, a sword, an axe, a Dane axe and a spear, so a variety of pose and look is offered.  
There is almost no flash to speak of on these models, with one model having a little to clean up on the right hand. The hands of the models may need a little work with a round file to get all the weapon types to sit correctly, the third figure from the left with raised right hand will need a little drilling with a pin vise (at least on the model I had) but nothing a modeller should need to worry about.  
The mould lines are very hard to see and are only on the side of the right legs/lower clothing as far as I can see. These are easily cleaned off with a sharp blade and do not affect the models integrity. 
The models presented above make for a cohesive unit and should paint up into a dynamic set of figures.


All in all these figures are amongst some of the cleanest castings I have come across anywhere. The work needed to prepare them for painting should be minimal, just a little filing of hand here and there and scraping down of fine mould lines and then a lot of gluing spears and javelins!

All figures provided by Gripping Beast.

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