Monday, February 24, 2014

Hero of the Viking Age - Sven Forkbeard

Another man of Myth and Legend.... Son of King 'Harald Bluetooth' (the first Scandanavian King to be baptised a Christian) and father of Cnut the Great. Who is this Hero apparently baptised Otto but preferring not to use that name?  Whether his name was Sweyn or Sveinn or Sven, legend follows him as a notable King of the Dark Ages. Now learn a little more about his life and Saga abilities...

Sven Forkbeard - King of Denmark and England

Life and Death.

"Legend says that he grew up amongst the Jomsvikings in their Jomsborg stronghold". I don't put much faith in Legend, but it seems clear that Sven was no stranger to warfare and strategy....

Monday, February 17, 2014

Model Review: Gripping Beast Scots!

by Mike Wood.

Gripping Beast were kind enough to supply some of their metal Scots models suitable for Saga. I will take a look at each of the model types they sent me. First let me say how well and sensibly packed they were. The figures are bagged and packed flat with bubble wrap in a card box to prevent damage and keep within the weight limits for Royal Mail. The bonus is they fit through the standard UK mailbox without the need to collect the figures if you are not around to receive them! Second, the figures are all nice fresh casts. Its good to get sparkly new models. I was not to be disappointed...

SS03 Gripping Beast Scots Soer-Chele Warriors

Monday, February 10, 2014

Challenged by The Norse-Gaels!

by Mike Wood

The Norse-Gaels, as their name suggests were Norsemen on the lookout for land and riches and a better climate! In the 9th to 11th Centuries they colonised areas of Ireland, the Orkney's and the Isle of Man. They merged and mingled with the local populations but by the time of the Normans in England, they were all but gone as a separate entity. Lets take a look at what this Faction can do in Saga...

Norse-Gael 4 point Warband  (Copyright GB)


Rules for the Norse-Gaels can be found in the Saga supplement "The Raven's Shadow".

Apart from a Warlord called a Jarl, you can take Hearthguards (Huscarls or Hirdmen), Warriors and Levies.
Warlords, Hearthguards and Warriors can take Dane-Axes which give a bonus in combat at the expense of armour. Otherwise, Warriors and Levies will have to take javelins (useful as a short range missile weapon at the end of movement for no extra shooting Saga dice!)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Scots by CGR Painters

by Dirty Jon

I picked up some Scots from Gripping Beast as a second Saga Army so that Luke and I could play some more games.  I just didn't have enough time to get these done, so we turned to Russ Levy and CGR for help.  CGR Painters is our go-to vendor when the pile of lead is just too big.  We were not disappointed!

I provided the guys in the pack and some bases and that was it.  I wanted to see what the guys at CGR could come up with, and you see the results.  Looks like I threw in a couple of large bases, too -- oops!  I love the color pallet Steve used here - there is a great mix or earth tones and some bright blues to add some variety.

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