Monday, November 4, 2013

Swords for Hire - Wandering Bard

by Mike Wood

Picture this.... there is your Warlord in the midst of Battle killing his enemies, driving them before him and hearing the lamentation of the women.... but who will remember this day and the brave feats? Who will recall the stories? Well, the guys at Gripping Beast had a good idea for that. A Bard! Yes, brave 'Sir Robin', is here to recount tales of valour, honour, slaying. That sort of thing, as long as your Warlord does all the killing by themselves!. So what does a Bard do in the game of Saga? Let's take a look... 

"The Bard" by John Martin

The Bard is a "Sword for Hire" unit and the good news is - he's free!
You can add him to your Warband with no cost to points. However, all is not rosy as "free" comes at a price....

Basic Rules (Restrictions and penalties really!):

The Wandering Bard may be included in any warband that is not led by a Hero of the Viking Age.

Forms a unit of his own (dangerous to be on your own in Saga)

Counts as a Warrior and may have a horse if the Warlord of his warband is also mounted.

Is worth two victory points.

If killed your Warlord immediately takes one FATIGUE.

Storyteller: The following rules apply to your Warlord during the whole game (even if the Bard has been killed):
- He may not Rest unless he has two or more FATIGUE markers.
- He does not benefit from the Side-by-Side special rule (i.e. he may only engage the enemy on his own).

Inspiration: As long as the Wandering Bard is within S of your Warlord, your Warlord gains the following benefits:

- Any enemy model killed by your Warlord counts double for victory points (set them aside to remind you that they are worth twice the
normal number of VPs).

- May use his 'Determination' and 'We Obey' rules a second time every turn (the Bard must be within S of the Warlord when these rules are used for the second time).

An Ironwind Bard


The rules for the Bard give advantages and disadvantages to your Warlord. If you like to use your Warlord on his own and press attacks, he can enhance your performance. Otherwise, if you are more cautious, you may not like some of the restrictions. The Wandering Bard is, I think, situational at best. You wouldn't want him with you all the time, possibly in the 'Clash of Warlords' mission! One thing, he (or she!) can certainly add some colour to your game.

Possible Miniature Sources:

Gripping Beast Bards: here

IronWind Fantasy Bards: here.
Relic Ligurian Bard: here

Reaper Bard: here

Westwind Bard (in pack): here

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