Monday, September 30, 2013

Review of Redoubt, Perry & Gripping Beast Models

by Mike Wood

I recently purchased some "non-military" models for Saga. Here's a look at what I got and the overall quality of the models. The aim is to use them to make baggage bases for the Saga mission "The Escort". That scenario requires three pieces of "baggage" to be moved across the board. I have already looked at Carts in two earlier posts, here and here.

The following manufacturer/suppliers were used....

Gripping Beast are here.

Perry Miniatures are here.

Redoubt Enterprises are here.

The models:

Gripping Beast CIV10 Slaver and slaves

Perry CU27 Pilgrims

Redoubt BB26 Two Pack Mules

Gripping Beast SC05 Tribute / Trade Goods

Redoubt BB11 Sheep

GB LIV02 Highland Cattle

Redoubt BB60 Chickens

Gripping Beast CIV02 Shepherd and Stockmen

Perry CU28 Clergy

Redoubt BB61 5 Monks

Redoubt BB61 Baskets and Barrels

Perry CU26 Armed Pilgrims

Here's a look at the items.....

The Gripping Beast models showed some minor mould lines along the sides of the human models but nothing that would detract from the models if removed. Very little to no flash. Generally interesting and detailed sculpts.

The Redoubt sculpts showed mould lines on the pack mules backs lenghtwise and front to back over the heads of some of the monks. Very little to no flash to trim off elsewhere. The monks look noticibly chunkier than the GB civilians I ordered. Luckily they were not going to be on the same bases. The animals and baskets/barrels were very clean and quite detailed for what they are.

The Perry Miniatures models humans were more in line with the scale of the GB models. Not as chunky as the Redoubt monks. A little flash to be trimmed from unimportant areas. Some minor mould lines that could be removed without much effect to the models. Probaly the most interesting poses of all three samples bought and just as detailed as the GB ones. One point to note is that the figures were boxed and not in plastic bags. A nice idea, though the material used to stop the moving had a habit of catching on the rougher parts of the models. I think a small piece of foam or bubble wrap would be preferable to this stuff!

Some closer shots and mix and matches.....
Close up of Baskets and Barrels, no flash, clear casting
Compare GB Cow to Redoubt Sheep.
Monk Close up. bulkier than the GB civilians. Some mould lines definately need cleaning up esp. the heads.
Some flash can be seen, models are decent casts.
Some mould line along legs and side of bodies here and there, little flash, good sculpts
Close up of pack horse - very little clean up to do here!
Detail on Pilgrims, a little cleanup to do.
Compare Monk to Clergy - size match is "okay". Some flash on the Perry figure to the right.


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