Monday, March 25, 2013

Old Glory Viking Long Serpent Ship

- by Eric Lauterbach

At Fall-In I picked up the Old Glory "Long Serpent Ship" and due to a bizarre - for Virginia - snow day have finally painted it up. I had looked at several plastic kits and laser cut wooden versions of Viking ships and none of them thrilled me. Knowing what a beating my wargame toys take moving from game to game, I did not want a plastic kit. The best solution seamed to be go with resin ships from Old Glory.  Turns out Old Glory has the Viking ship in two versions: one with crew: SVS-12 and one without: SVS-12s. The with crew sells for $65 dollars and the without crew sells for $35 dollars, this is before any discounts which you can get 40% if you join their army club.

The oar ports need to be drilled out
if you wish to put oars through them.
Since my ship will always be on land I did not
bother with it.

The basic no crew ship.  One odd thing -  the steering board (rudder)
 only comes with the crew version.
You do not get a sail which is annoying
I had to steal a sail from my kids toy boat.
Viking ships had removable beast heads so not to scare away
spirits in home waters.

Viking ships did not have benches rowers sat on sea chests and whatever was
 available. OG did a nice job of modeling this.
Attaching the shields was made easier with sticky-tack
and super glue.

The deck is open enough to take figures and fight over.

Store the oars under the deck.   

You get 18 shields with the ship some are molded and
will not take a shield transfer.

 Since I did not bother to drill out the oar ports I just set
them on the hull for the illusion of rowing. The reason I bought
this thing is to fight over not row!

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