Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Finding an Irish Wolfhound

One of the more unusual units to be found in the factions within "Raven's Shadow" is the Irish Wolfhounds pack and handler.

As a change to to the usual history or tactical articles I wanted to point out some of the possible sources for models for the above unit.

Here are the rules for the unit from page 10 of The Raven's Shadow:

"One single unit of Warriors (of up to 8 models) may be designated as Irish Wolfhounds (usually depicted with a pack master and his hounds, though all models are subject to the same rules).

Irish Wolfhounds have an Armour of 3, and have a movement of L, in the open and on uneven ground (i.e they are not slowed down by uneven ground).

They are NOT considered as mounted models."

So you can have all "hounds" or a pack and its master. These guys can really run so perhaps some animation in the models would be appropriate?

What choices are there. Here are a good sample of what you may wish to use.

Firstly, there is Gripping Beasts option...

Crusader Miniatures option...

Wargames Foundry option....

Warlord Games option of handler and two dogs plus the rest of the pack....

Megaminiatures option....

Custom Made Minis option....

 Irregular Miniatures option.... (sorry there are no page links on the IM site)

Black Cat Bases option....

I hope you find some diversity and inspiration from the above.


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