Monday, March 25, 2013

Old Glory Viking Long Serpent Ship

- by Eric Lauterbach

At Fall-In I picked up the Old Glory "Long Serpent Ship" and due to a bizarre - for Virginia - snow day have finally painted it up. I had looked at several plastic kits and laser cut wooden versions of Viking ships and none of them thrilled me. Knowing what a beating my wargame toys take moving from game to game, I did not want a plastic kit. The best solution seamed to be go with resin ships from Old Glory.  Turns out Old Glory has the Viking ship in two versions: one with crew: SVS-12 and one without: SVS-12s. The with crew sells for $65 dollars and the without crew sells for $35 dollars, this is before any discounts which you can get 40% if you join their army club.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Saga Painting Contest is Closing Soon!

Just a reminder that the the closing date for the Saga Warlord Painting Contest is this Sunday, 24th March. Later that day you will be able to vote on the best entry. The most popular entry will be announced as part of the WWPD4Vets day on March 30th. The winner will receive a blister of their choice from Gripping Beast's Saga range (posted out to the winner anywhere in the World - so get those entries posted up now!!)


Please click on the link below to post pictures of your Warlord.


Finding an Irish Wolfhound

One of the more unusual units to be found in the factions within "Raven's Shadow" is the Irish Wolfhounds pack and handler.

As a change to to the usual history or tactical articles I wanted to point out some of the possible sources for models for the above unit.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Focus on Heroes: Macbeth, King of the Scots

A look at the Hero, Macbeth, available in the Scots list for the Saga wargame from Gripping Beast.

I guess I am not the only person hearing the name Macbeth and picturing an ambitious tragically flawed character from a Shakespeare play? So, how does the real man stack up with legend and of course, his role in the Saga wargame....

NEW: Gripping Beast Macbeth model is now out (edit 04/2014)...


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