Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Normans vs Vikings- Clash of Warlords!

Tom and I got a game of Saga in one night recently.  He brought his Vikings, and ran them in 1 big unit of 8 Hearthguard, and 2 units of 12 Bondi plus a 12 strong levy archer unit.  My Normans were my usual configuration of 2x4 mounted Hearthguard, 1x8 mounted hearthguard, 8 crossbows, and 12 archers.  The mission was Clash of Warlords.

Tom's Vikings advance on the town.

Normans ride down the road to meet them.

While the Warlord musters the troops.

The Viking force.

The combatants square off.

The Normans must advance slowly through the field.

The Vikings close the distance, under constant fire from the Norman missile troops.

Viking Casualties stack up.

Crossbows perform admirably.

Despite their losses, the Vikings soldier on.

Viking Hearthguard charge the large mounted unit, but the dice go poorly for them and they are ridden down.

Leaving the way open for the Normans to crash into the Viking Bondi flank

The casualties are tremendous, with the Normans victorious.

Bondi assault the crossbows, and knock 5 men down.

A secomd charge eliminates them.

But in the end the Viking Warlord is left surrounded and alone- and he concedes the field.

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