Monday, January 28, 2013

WWPD Sagatapestry Painting Competition!

Special Announcement….

With great pleasure we would like to announce the launch of a WWPD Saga Painting Competition. Yes! I hear you say.
We would like you to paint a Warlord base and enter it to the site for judging by your WWPD peer group. You can choose to model a single figure, scene or diorama using any kind of basing options you can think of. So, get those imaginations into gear and see what you can come up with.

The competition is open to anyone to try – it just requires a Dark Age figure or several, and some painting.

Here are the basic rules:

The base you use can be a minimum of 40mm to a maximum of 60mm (unmounted) or 80mm (mounted). The base may be round, oval, square or rectangular as you see fit.
As a minimum it must have a Warlord figure in the 25 to 28mm scale.
It can be plastic, metal or resin from any manufacturer. Basing materials are left to your imagination.
You are free to customise the figure(s) as you see fit. Humour and a bit (!) of gore are acceptable.
It must be painted and based (rocks, grass, water, bodies of slain enemies, retainers etc..)
It must be painted by YOU (no proxies please – we don’t need to see how good pro-painting services can be!)
It must not have been posted up before on any wargames forums including WWPD.net
WWPD staff are not eligible for a prize(!) but may enter figures.
Finally, common sense – you must not copy someone else’s work and pass it off as your own!

Hopefully your brains are starting to work overtime by now with lots of ideas!

You will have about 5 weeks to get your figures bought / built / painted and posted up on the Sagatapestry forum (follow the link from this post for details).
When the competition ends, your peer group will have time to select a winner.
The winner will be announced during the WWPD4VETS event!

So, why should you bother? Well, there’s the kudos and satisfaction of a good job. There’s also a prize! We are offering the winner one blister of their choice from Gripping Beast (e.g. from 4 hearthguard, 8 warriors or 12 levy – mounted or unmounted).

Prize Examples:
Hearthguard     Warriors     Levies

Please have a go and see what you can. We look forward to seeing what you can come up with….


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