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Vikings Vs Irish: The Song of Ri Ghiaerhithghe

Olaf's Viking Raiders

Joe Moore and I played a game of SAGA  Clash of Warlords to give the Irish another run.  It was an epic game and Joe composed  The Song of Ri Ghiaerhithghe.  

Ri Ghiaerhithghe  (king Garth)

The song of Ri Ghiaerhithghe  Anno 987 A.D.

Ri Ghiaerhithge (king Garth) was truly a savage man,Yet the love of his people he held;

He led his clan firmly with fist of iron,
Still did maidens remark at the soft of his touch.

Came the Northern Scourge to fair Erin's land
And  Ri Ghiaerhithge was not overlooked.

They lusted for all of Ri Ghiaerhithge's wealth and land.

Said the Norsemen, "We'll take it and water ts well with the blood and the sweat of your clan."

The Irish army

Shoeimphoennighegdn's Dog pack
But Ri Ghiaerhighge had men just as able as he,
Though by numbers they might have seemed trifle.

His Fiana all strong souls of numberless fights
and Bonnachts as solid as oak.

To this he did add Shoeimphoennighegdn's (shimfinnig) dog pack, they hounds of the bite of a bear.

And the Curiadh of Eoawhinnith and Padraigh
(Owen and Patrick).

As the Norsemen approached he did let the dogs fly,
Shoeimphoennighegdn hard pressed to keep up.

From all directions did rock, stick and iron take air,
So that the Raiders stayed well away from all cover.
Vikings dressed as Wolfs fight off Dog pack!

The Vikings had to flee away from the hills and trees....cause the  Irish witchcraft will get you!
Ri Ghiaerhithge led bonnachts and fiana straight on,
N'er stopping to block Viking bolts

Shoeimphonennighegdn's dogs feasted on many an arm
or a leg did they render asunder.

Eoawhinnaith and Padraigh stared down a crowd,
Crazed mad with a lust for the fight.
Attacked by the Finnan the bondi go down.

After fleeing the hills the Vikings are not ready for the fury of the Irish attack.

The Irish Champion Padraigh, They call him the Irish Moses he'll part your  head like the Red Sea!

When Ri Ghiaerhithge met Olaf,
That swine of the Norse,

Did his blade quickly tear flesh from armor;
The swing of his sword sonded as chimes from a steeple,
And a deathknell  for Olaf the Viking.

Its not going well for the Vikings...

With all his Bondi dead Olaf Charges to Valhalla! 

By the end did stand Ri Ghiaerhithge and few of his bonnachts;
His Fianna alls sufferd sad fate.
Shoeimphoennighegdn wept for the loss of every brave hound,
and withdrew to his dwellings to train more,
Eoawhinnaith and Padraigh saw little to fight,
Not a Viking would dare they approach;
But as Olaf went down So did Eoawhinnaith burst Forth,
To dispatch those still in Olaf's support.

The Crows then missed not a feeding for weeks,
Grew they so portly as to n'ary take wing,
And the weapons of many dead Viking still fill
Ri Ghiaerhithge's armories still to this day.

And those that would try Erin's strength or resolve,
Come ye hither with somber intent.
For the fate of the pigs that Erin defile
shall be just where Olaf was sent.

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