Monday, January 21, 2013

Normans vs Byzantines in Clash of Warlords

The other night I went out to Ron Bingham's to play a game of Saga at his place.  Joining us were also J.D. and Malcolm.  These are all capital gents, who by the cruelty of Geography, I don't get the pleasure of gaming with all that often.  I was happy to roll dice with them!
Normans square off against the Byzantines
Ron's Byzantines consisted of 4 units: 1 mounted Hearthguard, 1 mounted Hearthguard with bows, 1 foot Hearthguard, and 1 levy bow javelin unit.

Norman Crossbows setup with excellent fields of fire.
My Normans were 2 units of mounted Hearthguard, 1 unit of mounted Warriors, and 1 unit of Warrior crossbowmen.
The Normans in all their splendor.
Byzantine Kataphraktoi!
Ron's Cavalry

The board

Normans have a general advance

Javelins move forward

The Normans prepare for the charge

The view from the Byzantine side

The Normans come out swinging!  The Byzantine cavalry and javelins suffer the brunt of the ire.

Cavalry squaring off

The Kataphraktoi find themselves in a precarious situation

And because of their poor armor in melee, the Norman Hearthguard are able to ride them down.

The Byzantines are left with few men 
When the rest of the Norman force charges in, the Byzantine warlord watches the cavalry advancing...

And yields 'ere the Normans have his head

This was a fun game with Ron, who doesn't have a lot of games under his belt.  Pretty straight forward tactics with the Normans- shoot with my crossbows and charge when the dice are right.  Thanks Ron for having me up!

And here's a few more pictures from my 2nd game with Malcolm.  This game saw my same Norman force face his Vikings which consisted of 1 8 man Hearthguard Unit, 1 12 man Levy unit, and 1 Berserker Unit.

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