Monday, December 31, 2012

Normans vs Vikings: Clash of Warlords

Tom and I got in 2 games of Saga one night, this being the second.  With little time left, we decided to play the basic "Clash of Warlords".  We thought it would be neat to have a burning village in the center.  Why?  Cause some men just want to watch the miniature world burn.  Tom's warband consisted of one unit of 8 Hearthguard, 3 units of 8 warriors, and 1 unit of levy archers.  My list was one unit of 8 Knights, 2 units of 4 knights, one unit of Sergeants with Crossbows, and a unit of peasant archers.

Setup.  All of my ranged weapons are in the small wood on the right.  The Viking Horde deploys in a battle line.
Burning hut
The dirty vikings



The burning village

Tom rolls pretty well and then... passes his turn!

Loading up for one good bow shot.  Stupid Vikings- we'll teach them to stand around!

The horde begins advancing
Crossbows advance to fire on the Vikings
Concentrated fire begins taking its toll!
This is a later turn, I forget which.  Probably top of 3.
Tom's Hearthguard advance
Get ready to shoot!
Ouch.  Good shooting.

Tom's bows assault into my big Hearthguard unit
More shootiness! 
Vikings: Norman Pin Cushions
Hearthguard to finish off the bows!
After the charge.  (Note: all those figures behind the Warlord are dead)
The end is nigh!
Tom's 4 warriors are all tooled up to charge and wipe out the Hearthguard (a good trade in points, even knowing his warriors will all likely die)
No man left standing

The 2 surviving Norman Hearthguard prepare for the final charge.

Tom's warlord stands firm!

But falls before the Norman cavalry.
This was an interesting game- my ranged weapons were absolutely on FIRE.  Tom is getting a feel for his battleboard though, and this game still could've gone either way.  I had a great time getting some games in- I really need to paint my Scots!

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