Thursday, December 13, 2012

Normans vs Vikings- The Challenge

Tom came by tonight for some games of Saga!  In our first game we played "The Challenge".  Tom's warband consisted of one unit of 8 Hearthguard, 3 units of 8 warriors, and 1 unit of levy archers.  My list was one unit of 8 Knights, 2 units of 4 knights, one unit of Sergeants with Crossbows, and a unit of peasant archers.

The board
 The Vikings from left to right: Warriors, Warriors and Archers (behind the house), Warriors, and Hearthguard (with white bases up front).

The Normans from left to right: Knights, Knights, Big unit of Knights, crossbows, archers.
The Challenge is issued

Normans rush down the road


Archers prepare to make a fortified position in the hut.

Looking towards the crossroads


Top of 1

Vikings move up, archers move into the building


Tom's warlord charges, but no damage is done

Bottom of 1

The big charge!  (incidentally- we were totally confused as to whether only one model could "engage" the warlord or not- any thoughts?)

Tom's Warlord is wounded gravely!

 Tom had some ridiculously poor rolling, and I rolled really well!
Top of 2 (ish- Tom had already used a die or two- sorry!)


The killing field.

Preparing to shoot, then charge.  Bottom of 2

Knights charge in

But are quickly cut down by a swift counter attack!

Bottom of 3.

Crossbows tear into some Vikings!

Knights move for a flank maneuver.

Top of 4

Amid the bloodbath, the Warlord and some remaining Bondi charge Steveaux

Steveaux escapes mostly unscathed, and wipes out the Bondi!

Flanking Knights wipe out another unit of Bondi.

In the bottom of the turn crossbows move out, and open up.

As the game nears its end, a Bondi force and the warlord charge again!

And whiff!

The game ends.  Steveaux charges and uses every available die to wipe out Tom's warlord.
 This was a fun game, but that early charge on Tom really sealed his fate.  The Normans being able to close so much ground so quickly and bring the pain is a huge advantage in this particular mission.

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