Friday, November 30, 2012

Saga Dice - Luck or Judgment?

The title of this article is really a grand way of saying that I want to talk about the way the number of Saga dice you have affects the game you can play out with them. In particular, your choices on using "rare" dice based abilities get less and less as your Saga dice go down.
Note: "rare" meaning the rarest symbol that is on just one side of each Saga dice. There are two uncommon symbols and three common symbols.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Review of The Raven's Shadow

Raven's Shadow is the latest expansion from Studio Tomahawk for the Saga wargame.

The expansion gives the Saga universe four more Factions to choose from. The Franks, Irish, Norse-Gaels and Strathclyde. The booklet weighs in at 27 pages along with four full colour card battle boards.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SAGA Tournament Fall-in Pictures

Our first I-95 Fallin Saga Tournament was great success we had a lot of new players.  Below are a some of the Battle stats that I was able to capture.  Bill Wilcox was the winner of the tournament with Welsh and Vikings played (he was borrowing my armies I think I may have created a monster) Paul Georgian came in second with Normans.   Thanks to all the guys for coming out.  Special thanks to Tom Keegan and Steve MacLauchlan for loaning armies and teaching new guys.  

Monday, November 19, 2012

Tom's Vikings

My Vikings
Here are some pics of my viking army.  (I figure it can also do double-duty as Anglo-Saxons, Anglo-Danes and Jormvikings.)  Most of the figures are Wargames Factory plastic Vikings, but the central figures are the Eureka Miniatures metal Beowulf and Retinue pack.

The Warband

Monday, November 12, 2012

Norman Horse Cart

A while back, Jon did two pieces for our baggage train, and I promised to do the third.  I finally came through on that after picking up these pieces at Fall In!  The Norman Pony is by Gripping Beast- Joe "Wow" Mezz happened upon it at the Architects of War booth and knew I'd be happy with it!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Focus On .... Welsh Javelins

The Welsh faction's unique style comes in the form of the way their battleboard caters for the hit and run tactics of the Dark Ages Welsh peoples. All troop types are capable of carrying and throwing Javelins. They are very much a skirmish force and not designed for close combat. They can be mounted, but suffer more penalties for doing so due to a lack of armour. How can you utilise this hit and run force? Here are the rules from page 44 of the Main Rulebook...

"Welsh Warlords are equipped with javelins. They may be mounted on horses.”

“Welsh Warriors and Hearthguard are equipped with javelins, but due to their lack of armour and protection, they have their armour value reduced by one against enemy shooting…”

“Welsh Warriors and Hearthguard may be mounted on horses (and this would also decrease their Armour against shooting by one…)”

“Welsh Levies are equipped with bows, slings or javelins”.

To see what Javelins do in the game here are the rules from Page 23 of the Main Rulebook...

"Javelins may be used the end of a Movement activation. Immediately after movement, if the unit has no figures engaged in melee with the enemy, the unit may perform Shooting as part of that activation. This doesn't count as a a separate activation, and doesn't generate additional FATIGUE.

Gripping Beast Welsh Warriors - painted
Painted Gripping Beast models from their Saga Welsh range

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