Monday, September 17, 2012

Normans vs Welsh in Clash of Warlords

Thursday night at the NOVA Open, Alex brought his Welsh to face my Normans! We played Clash of Warlords. By this time, Tom and I were pretty deep into a bottle of rum, so I apologize if my images are a little blurry! We played at 5 points.

Steven's Normans
  • 6x Mounted Knights
  • 6x Mounted Knights
  • 8x Crossbows
  • 4x Mounted Knights
Alex's Welsh
  • 8x Warrior Javelins
  • 4x Hearthguard Javelins
  • 4x Mounted Hearthguard Javelins
  • 12x Levy Bowmen
  • Flemish Mercenaries

The board

Knights across the board from the Flemish mercenaries

Steveaux and Retinue


Small Knights unit

Welsh Warriors

Mounted Welsh and archers

Flemish and Welsh hearthguard

Crossbows move forward and gun down the mounted Welshmen!

Knights move out.

Knights charge the levy bowmen

And cause very few casualties!!

That did not have the desired effect...

Crossbows keep firing.  One dude is scared I guess.

Welsh Hearthguard javelin some knights

Norman cavalry ride down the Welsh warrior unit after the crossbows tear into them!

Knights getting whittled down.

The developing battle

Knights are taking losses but are zeroing in on the warlord


One Knight unit is eliminated

The Warlord, a levy archer, and 1 Welsh hearthguard retreat into the woods.

The Flemish and some Knights never engage.

In the end, time was called.  Both Warlords were still standing, but Alex took more losses than me, so the game went to the Normans.

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