Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Challenge: Normans v Vikings

After getting crushed in one turn on our last game, I was eager to redeem myself!  We elected to play The Challenge.  

Stev Goatcrusher's Vikings
  • 8x Hirdmen
  • 4x Hirdchicks (Battle Babes!)
  • 8x Bondi
Jean Luc's Normans
  • 6x Mounted Knights
  • 6x Mounted Knights

The Warlords square off.

Stev is charged by a big unit of Knights!  He's beaten and trampled but fights on.

Yeah!  Run away!


Stev holds his ground.  Barely.

This time Jean Luc charges in.

But Stev lives!  Barely.

Stev has 2 wounds left.

Vikings get a turn 1, thankfully.

Hirdmen run forward, then Frigg and wipe out the small unit of Knights!

They then weather the storm of the Norman counter attack.

Killing more than they lose!

And then immediately counter attack again, wiping out the unit leaving only Jean Luc in their side of the board.

Stev and his battle babes retinue prepare for Jean Luc's charge.

And repulse the attack.

Warriors charge forward, and "donate" 3 of their number using the Valhalla power!

Leaving only Jean Luc on the board for the Normans.

Jean Luc has nowhere to go.

Get'm battle babes!

Eventually it's clear Jean Luc can't win this one and Luke concedes it!
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