Monday, August 13, 2012

Normans vs Vikings Battle at the Ford (4pt)

Jon and I got in a quick game one night before doing some recording for News From the Front.  I promise I'll have my 5th point ready soon!  I am the bottleneck.  Painting horsies is hard!  Jon wanted to try a "silly" army this go round.

Steveaux the Handsome's Normans
  • 8x Knights
  • 4x Knights
  • 4x Knights
Jon the Dirty's Vikings
  • 8x Hirdmen
  • 4x Berserker Babes
  • 12x Thrall Archers

The board

Jon's new archers

Obviously we're going across the bridge!

Warlord and Berserker Babes

Jon's Turn 1

The large Norman Knight unit moves across the bridge and prepares to hit the Levies

But Jon pushes his large Hirdmen unit hard
Slamming into the Normans!

And in a wild round of rolling kills every last Norman Knight at the cost of only one Viking!

A smaller unit of Knights hit the Berserker Babes before they can hit them!

Steveaux moves around out of range of the huge Viking Hirdmen force
Jon the Dirty eyeing up some Knights

Jon forces Steveaux to engage him- but Steveaux rides him down!

On Jon's turn he is unable to get the dice to activate his archers.
At this point, the game is pretty much a draw!  We each have 7 points across the ford: I with my warlord for 3, and 4 Knights for 1 each, and Jon with 7 Hirdmen on my side of the ford.  Because it's my turn, my warlord will easily be able to get out of range of Jon's archers.  And Jon is only generating 1 die per turn so there's a very slim chance he'd be able to move his levies and then take a subsequent round of shooting.  Similarly, there's not enough time to get my army back across the bridge to kill Jon's Hirdmen.  Besides, doing so would risk losing if I didn't wipe them out to a man!

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