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Guns of August SAGA tournament

The Guns of August Convention is one my favorite local cons in a good location that my whole family enjoys.  I was able to take the kids to Busch Gardens in the day and play SAGA  all night so everybody was happy.  The SAGA Tournament was 4 point armies and run by the Williamsburg Legati.  I cannot say enough good things about the Williamburg Legati they are a super bunch of guys who really know how to run a tournament.  They had Architects of War support and everything a gamer needs provided on the table. 

At the tournament I was running Welsh: 1 Levy and the rest Warriors.   I had one unit of mounted Welsh Warriors.
Battle with Skraelings
My first game was against Mark Mckinley a Skraelings player and all around great guy.  I had never played the Skraelings before and was not sure what to expect.  It started out with missile exchanges because the Skrealings are just like the Welsh and "Throw Sticks" the only difference is all his troops are one less armor.  So we were winning the exchange and Mark's horrible dice were not helping him.   I was killing tons of Skraelings but little did I know these guys have an ability to regenerate dead skraelings into new units so it was like fighting a zombie horde.  My thought now was the only way to stop the zombies is to kill the warlord.   I got lucky with the initiative roll and had two turns that were back to back and mark could not recover from that and I was able to ride the Cavalry to the back and kill his warlord.   I killed 27 warriors 6 Levy and his Warlord so going into round two I had a lot of points.

Editor's Note: The tournament was using a modified "initiative" roll where each player rolled a die at the beginning of each turn to see who acts first
Welsh Warriors vs Skraelings
Welsh Warlord
Battle in the middle
right before the Skraeling regenration
My second game was against Peter from the Williamsburg Legati, an actual Welshman who was playing Normans. His list was 2 heathguard, 1 warrior crossbow, 1 levy bow.   He taught me a lot that game.  One of my favorite lessons was him teaching me how to say my armies names...  Teulu..sounds like Tilly... Priodaur.. sounds like PruTHEour... Bonnedig like..  BonThieg.   at least thats what it sounded like to my Okie-from-Muskogee ears.  Peter deployed his two units of Heathguard in the middle with his Warlord and the Crossbow on the left and Bows and on the other flank.   He opened with some serious long range bow fire while his leader and heathguard watched.   I could see where this was going he was going to soften me up as I walked towards his bows and then finish me with a heathguard charge.  It's an excellent tactic for the Normans and I was worried. My only saving grace was I had a unit of mounted Welshmen.  I learned I needed these guys in my army after Steve shot the crap out of my Vikings with Norman Crossbows.   One mounted unit can cross the ground fast and stop the pain. So that is what I did.  My mounted Welsh took a fatigue and hit his levy bow, but it was a dismal attack that killed very little but did get his attention.  On his turn his Heathguard and Warlord slammed into my mounted Welsh with a bazillion dice which should have wiped me out, but I rolled waaay above average and two guys survived.  This brought his unit out in front of his army where my slow moving foot could catch up and "Throw Sticks". It was at this critical point that the rules of initiative came into play again   and I got two turns in row and was able to kill his Warlord and Heathguard unit.   I was so busy during this game I forgot to take pics which is a shame Peter's army was one of the best Norman armies I had ever seen.

My third game was against Chuck Cary who I've known for years from FOW and prior to the tournament I trashed talked him with a "I am coming for you Chuck!"  little did I know that I was actually going to fight him.  Chuck ran Normans: 1 Bow levy, 1 Warrior Mounted, 2 Heathguard Mounted.  This game was a blood bath in the middle of the board with no quarter given.   It was endless beating on each other with little tactics so I can sum it with I took 97% casualties and he took 100% casualties.

After three rounds I came in first place with 60 points but it was close and I could not have won without Chuck's blood bath game and probably the change to the I go you go rules that were in place for the missions.  Thanks again to the Williamsburg Legati for great run tournament.

Normans vs Welsh

Chuck Normans

Nothing left hardly 

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