Friday, July 13, 2012

Normans vs Vikings- The Challenge (3 points)

Jon and I got in another 3 point game (again sorry, I'm the bottle neck!  Painting horsies takes extra time!  My 4th point is done as of now though!)

The mission today was The Challenge.  Our Warlords basically start battling in the center of the board, with our armies racing in from behind.  In this scenario your Warlord has 12 "wounds" (rather than the normal 1).  To win you either need to kill the enemy warlord OR (if neither warlord dies), your warlord must have suffered the MOST wounds without dying!  Awesome!

Steveaux The Fragrant's Normans
  • Warlord on Horse
  • 4x Norman Knights (hearthguard)
  • 4x Norman Knights (hearthguard)
  • 4x Norman Knights (hearthguard)
Jon the Dirty's Vikings
  • Warlord
  • 4x Hirdmen (hearthguard)
  • 4x Hirdmen Chicks (hearthguard)
  • 8x Bondi (warriors)
The board
Crossing the foot bridge


The Challenge

View from the Viking lines

More knights

Jon's Saga Dice

Vikings surge forward

Steveaux is wounded but fights on after Jon the Dirty and the Battle Babes charge in!

The Hill.  we forgot to do a disengage.  Oops!  Still learnin the rules!

Norman units roll out.  We rolled to see if the hill was steep, hence my guys avoiding it!

It'll cost a fatigue to charge the Battle Babes.

But we must protect Steveaux!

And still no casualties... and still no disengage.  We realize in a turn or two that we were forgetting!

Viking Battleboard
Normans receive a Bondi beat down.

The battle rages around Steveaux and Jon the Dirty.

Hey look at that!  We remembered to disengage after Steveaux wins a combat!

Ride them down!

The lines consolidate.  Steveaux charged Jon the Dirty, then withdrew back up the hill.

The bondi keep on bondin'

And break the first Norman unit.  In this close in fighting, that means fatigue gets distributed to 2 units!

But again Steveaux holds the hill!  Our warlords have fought every single round, but both are relatively unscathed.  Steveaux has taken a few more wounds than Jon the Dirty though...

Lots of resting this round.

Normans try to regroup, but don't do much this turn besides rest up.  Steveaux and Jon the Dirty go at it again, but their weapons clang on each others' shields without much harm!

The Battle Babes charge!

And totally eviscerate the Norman knights!  A 2nd unit down for the Normans!

Jon the Dirty takes the hill!

Bondi try to hit the Hearthguard, but lose 2 of their own number at no cost to the Normans

The Norman knights regroup and ride down the Bondi

Dex Aie!

Steveaux cannot contact Jon the Dirty and so charges the 2 remaining Viking Warriors.

And knocks them out!  With that 2 Viking units down.

Jon the Dirty and his Battle Babes try to take down Steveaux

And though they wound him, he lives!  The Normans counterattack the Battle Babes, riding past the Warlord.

And knock the Battle Babes back.

Jon the Dirty musters his remaining retinue and tries to break the Norman Knights

Cutting down 2!

But the Normans counter, leaving only Jon the Dirty standing.

At this point we have played 7 turns, marking the end of the scenario.
Since both warlords stand, whichever player controls the Warlord who took the most damage wins.  Steveaux the Handsome took a few more points than Jon the Dirty, leaving the Normans victorious this day- but at heavy cost.

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