Friday, July 27, 2012

4Ground Games Medieval Cottage

Greetings, Sagamites!  Today I'll be taking a look at 4Ground's Pre-painted High Medieval laser cut cottage.  I picked this little beauty up for $25 at Historicon  from Brookhurst Hobbies and assembled almost as soon as I got home!  

description from their website:
[The cottage] is a great example of the 10th century development from the Saxon dwelling into the high medieval cottage with its loft room; though this building would have not been that uncommon as a rural dwelling during the Civil Wars of the 17th century. It still retains the smoke-hole gable, the through doors each side and a central firepit.

The contents of the bag
This laser cut model kit is supplied pre-painted with 4Ground base paints, even the thatch fabric for the roof is included, along with doors, firepit, loft with loft ladder and wooden mullioned windows.     

Full color instructions are included

As mentioned in the description, aside from assembly it's ready to go out of the bag!  The thatch is teddy bear fur, which is a clever way of doing it!  As an added bonus, the bag is thin and light- making shipping these guys considerably easier than comparatively sized resin buildings.

It even boasts interior detail.
Assembly is fairly straightforward.  Everything fit together nicely, and working with the included materials and white glue (not included obviously) was simple.  Knowing that as soon as it was done being assembled it was basically ready to go was very motivating!  Not having to paint terrain is always a huge plus in my book.
Before treating the tupee.
The cottage features nice interior details like a fire pit and ladder leading to the loft.  I left those details out to make filling the cottage with dark age warriors easier, but for those of you who may use this for more scenario-driven games it would be easy to add bedrolls and other furniture to the structure to make it really seem lived in.

Kinda looks like Dondald Trump winking
The teddy bear fur requires some treatment to make it look like thatch.  The instructions call for "combing" it with white glue.  I haven't done that yet because I wanted to get it on the board!  Instead, I sprayed it with some hairspray and smoothed it down.  that helped, but it still looks a bit off.  I plan to do more treatments.  Maybe I'll take it to a salon.

I think it fits in nicely
It's hard for me to compare this with anything else since it's my first 28mm dark ages building.  But I'm very happy with my purchase, and I think it's well worth the $25, so there's my endorsement!

The roof comes off for ease of play
The building might be a little "late" for the hardcore history buffs out there (seems to be most appropriate for 12th-15th century from what I understand), but it's fine by me.
As does the "loft" later for even easier play!

The 3 pieces

So expect to see this in many more saga games here on The Tapestry!  I plan to order the other 2 buildings available in the line to make a little village.

As a bonus- enjoy that toasty, smoked wood smell when you assemble it!  Seriously, it smelled like camping.  I liked it.

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