Monday, July 16, 2012

4 points Jon & Scott All-Viking AAR: The Challenge!

Scott and I got together at The Game Vault along with Steven, Joe Moore and Eric Lauterbach for some SAGA games. We played a Viking civil war, and rolled the The Challenge! This one was going to take a while...

Scott is up top, and I am set up at the bottom. I fielded 3 4-man units of Hearthguard and an 8-man unit of Bondi.
Scott had 2 6-man units of Hearthguard and an 8-man unit of Bondi.

Above is my totally un-historic unit of Riot Grrls! I love'm, so I don't care.

The Warlords face-off!

Scott's heathen hordes! I hate them for some reason... and he hates me! ARRRHGHGH!! Blood and plunder!!!

The Warlords duke it out to no result. Scott's dudes move up.

I roll a great battle board and REALLY move my guys up. I ditch the fatigue with the awesome NJORD ability.

Scott rolls a great board too and rushes his Bondi and Warlord to attack me. I fight'm off and I think I took a hit or two.

I prepare to REALLY crush the Bondi this turn, but it sure doesn't turn out that way. I end up losing 2 Hearthguard and only killing 4 Bondi. That really sucked.

Scott proceeds to teach me the value of making 2 units of 6 Hearthguard. I had never thought of that before, but getting 12 dice is a whole lot better than getting 8. He wipes out my Bondi and kills 2 Hearthguard with a cost of only 2 Hearthguard for him. It isn't looking good for Jon the Dirty...

I have an exciting turn of resting and moving up the 4-man unit of Hearthguard that were sitting in the back.

Scott takes his bad ass 6-man unit of Hearthguard and wipes out the girls and another half-strength unit of Hearthguard. Gah! I am hurting.

I charge in with Jon the Dirty and 3 Hearthguard to exact revenge... and do nothing at all. Scott was rolling pretty good dice this game, but damn!

Scott presses the attack and leaves me with 3 figures on the board. At this point, Scott is one point 'ahead' of me -- meaning, his Warlord has 1 more wound than I do.

Nothing to do but charge in and.... do nothing at all again.

Scott attacks the Jon the Dirty and I finally get some luck and kill 2 of his guys. This now leaves me with 3HP left to Scott's 4HP -- I am 'winning'. But what does a VIKING do?

Well, of course I attack with all I have! Scott and I duke it out, with no significant damage. It's a 'win' for Jon the Dirty!.

This mission is weird. I think that with the low points we are playing, we should reduce the number of wounds the Warlord has.... or better yet, get 6 points painted!

I did learn that 6 Hearthguard is pretty nice. Yeah, you lose a SAGA die, but you also have to spend 1 less to activate. Also, with 2 more guys, you are much less likely to lose the unit and have that die taken away. I think I am going to steal Scott's strategy in the future!

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