Wednesday, June 27, 2012

3 Point Clash of Warlords (Vikings vs Normans)

Jon and I played our first game of Saga- 3 points each and the mission was "Clash of Warlords". Though we didn't have TOO many rules fumbles, we are definitely not good enough yet to give a detailed AAR- so we'll largely let the pictures do the talking!

The mission is the most straightforward- you win by killing your opponent's warlord!

Steveaux The Handsome's Normans
  • Warlord on Horse
  • 4x Norman Knights (hearthguard)
  • 4x Norman Knights (hearthguard)
  • 4x Norman Knights (hearthguard)
Jonvi the Dirty's Vikings
  • Warlord
  • 4x Hirdmen (hearthguard)
  • 4x Hirdmen (hearthguard)
  • 8x Bondi (warriors)

The board- Jon's Vikings all begin close in the bottom left.  Normans spread out a bit more

Jon's turn one dice allocations

Normans on the flank

The Bondi are the Warlord's bodyguard.

Steveaux's brave forces

Vikings move forward

My battle board on turn 1.  In the future I think I'll make sure to show the battle board before each turn


End of turn one

Top of 2

Jon's board

Jon's Hearthguard come out swinging!

He loses 3 and I lose 2.

I can't actually remember what happened here- he may have activated him for a second time and charged again and lost? Either way, his Hearthguard unit was destroyed

Norman board (I had 6 dice because I traded a banner to roll 2)

The fatigued unit of 2 horsemen slam into Jonvi's Bondi, dispatching them handily

Jon's force is looking thin as Steveaux and retinue slam into the Bondi!

With forces coming in from the rear

But then on Jon's turn he counter attacks, and capitalizes on the Norman fatigue!

Steveaux falls in battle and just like that Jon wins the battle!

I must say, I really liked the mechanics.  The game played quick and save for a few minor things I think the rules made a ton of sense!  As we go on I'm sure we'll realize a few things we did wrong, but I can happily say our first game was a ton of fun!  Jon started his turn with something like 6 models while I had only lost 2- but with the sudden death of my warlord the game turned around in an instant- I always love then that happens even if it means I lost it!

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